Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Le Berceau d'Amour

On a visit to the N.G.V. (National Gallery of Victoria) I made this copy from an anonymous image of dancing. It was in an exhibition about life at the time of Jane Austen. It reminded me of this quote :-
'Many people relish their moments of aggression. This comes as no surprise in a culture where people rarely dance or sing aloud; where we have the chance to roar only if we are sports fans; where we almost never run or jump or leap or glide for the sheer joy of it, or throw ourselves onto sand or into a freezing lake, or ride impossibly high waves when we are no longer a young surfie; where we no longer sit together telling wild or tender stories; where we look at other people's paintings but don't hold paint in our own hands; where we buy food that has no earth left on it; where we wash the sweet smelling vermix off babies moments after they are born; where we may do a small part of a whole job, but rarely witness anything completed; where our sacred sense of ritual may be reduced to a plastic tree at Christmas time; where community may be only what we see on a small screen; where the whole world may be available to many of us but we complain that we have nothing to do or nowhere to go...'
- Stephanie Dowrick, 'The Universal Heart'


  1. cast your eye over my herald of spring in the front yard-he's got no problem with shouting in public.
    x jen next door.

  2. Hi Jenny
    I have seen it and it is truly amazing!
    I think it is more spectacular this year than ever...

    A. x

  3. Thank youL p.332. Considering I only got to p. 129 before moving on to something else ...

    You have given me cause to open it up again ... and dip rather than read from start to finish.